Handcrafted jewelry created by
 Robert J. Palazzolo.

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Handmade leather cuffs created with 
the highest quality materials 
like Swarovski crystal.

For over 100 years, Swarovski has been known for the world's most stunningly brilliant and opulant crystal pieces.

Robert Palazzolo combines genuine Swarovski with luxurious and exotic leather hides
to create a truly unique statement piece.

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 Inspired by elements of 
nature, history and classic fashion styles.

Whether it's beautiful Swarovski crystal, 
antique coins or natural gemstones,
Robert Palazzolo has unique pieces
modeled for every taste.

If you are a retailer interested in 
placing a wholesale order or requesting 
a line sheet, please visit our contact page or call the phone number below.

Robert Palazzolo     
RJP Designs   
  Dana Point, CA   (714) 381-0115