Spring bracelet

Radiant shades of green to light blue that includes aquamarine, blue topaz and Colombian emerald.
7 inches in length, all sterling silver.

Winter bracelet

This popular bracelet is finished with sapphire, lapis, tanzanite and kyanite creating a dazzling display against the sterling silver chain.   

Autumn bracelet

With beautiful hues of amber, citrine, cognac sapphire and garnet that is reminiscent of the season’s first falling leaves.

Summer bracelet

Bright reflections of summer that include yellow sapphire, lemon quartz, lime agate and baroque freshwater pearl. 

These beautiful hand-made bracelets consist of all sterling silver and are adorned with over 100 carats of natural gemstones.  Each bracelet is one of a kind, and no two bracelets are identicle. 

These petite gemstone bracelets are also hand-made with natural gemstones ranging from 25 to 35 total carats.

Petite Spring

This adjustable gold filled bracelet is made with amethyst, peridot
pink tourmaline,  and moonstone.

Petite Ocean

sparkling shades of blues, yellows and greens made with blue topaz,
aquamarine, apetite and kyanite.

Petite Lavendar

stones include amethyst, opal,
pink garnet and rose quartz.

Royal Blue bracelet 

this extraordinary bracelet is made
with pietersite, sapphire, kyanite and blue topaz

Fall gemstone choker

over 90 carats of natural garnet,
amethyst, ruby & tourmaline on
oxidized sterling silver

Tahitian & Swarovski chokers

mutiple layers of geniune
Tahitian pearls with Swarovski crystal and sterling silver

Ocean gemstone choker

85 carats of natural aquamarine,
blue topaz, kyanite and peridot
on sterling silver